PEMF 8000 Machine Can be Used for Treating Animals

The advantages of pulsed electromagnetic fields are extensive, it is not only used for treating humans but is also very effective for treating animals.

PEMF therapy is used for conditioning race horse at race tracks across the globe.

PEMF therapy can regenerate damaged and diseased tissue, repair tendons, and bones that are fractured.

PEMF therapy is also known for increasing the cellular level of oxygen absorption. Many studies have shown that oxygen’s partial pressure can be increased to around 200%. This reduces pains which have a correlation with the lack of oxygen in the human body.

This therapy is known for its deep penetration with which it can soothe muscle soreness.

The muscle strain due to over exercising and stress can be relieved using the PEMF therapy.

PEMF force can influence electrical charges in the body on a cellular level making it more preferable than static magnets. PEMF device delivers a high intensity, a short pulse that penetrates the entire body.

Each day, patient can devote up to 20 minutes of their time for PEMF therapy.

Uses for PEMF Equine Therapy

There are many uses for Horses with the PEMF therapy. Here are a few.

  • Treatment before and after events
  • Increases the motion range in horses that have high performance
  • There is an immediate increment in the blood oxygen level.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • It is great for relieving tension, reducing pain and inflammation.

How does this therapy work?

The PEMF therapy

How PEMF Therapy uses the electrical current from the outlet and then sends small, high magnitude magnetic pulses that travel from the main unit through the loop. The loop is placed on or over the person’s body, and then the magnetic pulses will simulate the natural charge on a cellular level. The stimulation is basically used for restoring sick cells to their normal state. Their normal state is when they are healthy.

There is an increased cell oxygen level, and the cell membrane will control the nutrients exchange along with the minerals exchange in the cell. It will send the waste products like lactic acid out of the cell.

The PEMF therapy is widely used for treating many pains and helps animals and humans recover from many pains and situations like fractured bones and tendons. The main advantage of this therapy is that it operates on a cellular level and is more efficient.

Many physicians around the world recommend PEMF therapy for those who have injured or cracked bones. Many say that fractures heal very quickly with PEMF therapy.

If you’re suffering from any pain or injuries, then ask your local doctor about PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy should be used continually in long sessions for effective healing. If you’re concerned about the side effects and precautions about the PEMF 8000 device, then make sure you contact your dealer and ask them about everything there is to know about the PEMF 8000 device. PEMF 8000 Device is available at all leading stores.

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