What Are the Differences in PEMF Therapy Devices?

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Power Level

The magnetic energy produced by the various PEMF devices can be as little as that of the Earth’s magnetic field to more than 10,000 times as powerful. The lower power devices are generally used for cellular health and bone healing. The higher power devices are generally used for recovery of trauma from accidents, sports injuries and surgery, as well as for control and improvement of degenerative diseases.

Both low power and high power devices help reduce pain, but the higher power devices are more effective in doing so.

Continuous or Pulsed Waveform

Although there are exceptions in both types, most low power PEMF devices have a continuous waveform while most high power PEMF devices have a pulsed waveform.

Shape of Waveform

The continuous waveform PEMF devices can produce a square, a saw tooth, a sine or a custom waveform. The pulsed output PEMF devices usually produce a biphasic short duration pulse.

Control of Pulse Rate

Many low power PEMF devices have preset pulse rate to choose from according to the various manufacturers’ individual theories. Most high power PEMF devices have a user variable control of the pulse rate.

Duration of Treatment

Depending on the power level of the PEMF device, the treatment duration can be from three minutes to hours.

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