Utah Research Facility Announces PEMF Breakthrough Treatments for Lyme Disease

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy used in therapy for helping to heal Lyme disease!

The results of Dr. Earl’s research is an approach that has not only vastly improved, but has also combined six separate and distinct modalities to treat Lyme disease, and he is now making this program available in the United States for the first time.Lyme Disease, now considered an infectious/contagious disease, mimics over 300 different diseases including their symptoms and conditions, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. In the just past ten years diagnosed cases of Lyme Disease have jumped geometrically. In 2014 alone, there were more than 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease reported, and because it is so hard to diagnose, many researchers suspect the number of people infected is probably substantially higher.


Dr. Earl and his associates at the Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic created an approach that uses six different modalities together in an orchestrated treatment program that destroys the Lyme’s borrelia burgdorferi (deer tick sporellia).

The FAR Clinic uses:Whole Body Hyperthermia (raising body temperature) PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields)Systemic Hyper-Oxygenation (SHO)G-Force (Gravitational inertia induced frequency vibration)

Medically Directed Therapeutic Workouts, including breathing exercisesIndividualized Diet including prescription Medical Smoothies

Other clinics in the US and Europe use one or two similar modalities to treat Lyme disease, but the FAR Clinic is the first to both enhance and combine all six modalities into one integrated treatment program, improving on each modality synergistically. Even better, all these modalities are non-invasive.

The bottom line: all of the modalities researched by Dr. Earl and his associates have been radically improved upon following their research.

Addressing this issue Dr. Earl said:”We utilize a precision-crafted sequence of orchestrated events and modalities to produce an exponential increase in the beneficial enzymatic processes throughout your body, down to the cellular level.”COMBINING THE OLD WITH THE NEW

One of the effective FAR Clinic modalities, hyperthermia, or heat therapy, is currently used in many places throughout the world to help combat cancer and many other diseases. Even the ancient Greeks, over 3,000 years ago, knew of the health benefits of hyperthermia in treating diseases where hyperthermia was employed commonly in their health spas and hot springs.

Hyperthermia is even used by our body’s own defenses to fight all type of diseases. This, of course, is known as a fever — which is factually whole body hyperthermia. Meanwhile, many of the cutting edge frequency wave technologies developed by the NASA space program and used for the health benefits of astronauts the International and MIR space stations are integrated into another FAR Clinic modality, Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.Said Dr. Brett J Earl, MD:”(We use) space program technology to unlock your health and well-being.


Hi, my name is Charlie Farricielli. As a professional retired musician, I have enjoyed the honor and the gifts of recording and performing with many national musicians for several years, nationally and internationally. I have forever had a passion for the miraculous effects of vibration frequencies on human energy. I spent my retired years deep into research, study, and experience to educate and promote my amazing discovery of PEMF technology! My breakthrough will prove that PEMF can balance the endocrine system and affect the physical, mental and emotional state of a person. When I first experienced the PEMF technology in 2012, it was not a stretch for me to understand the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field frequencies. We are only as healthy as our cells, and using PEMF is like having a “tune up” on our cells. For over 20 years, I suffered from diabetes. I spent thousands of dollars on management and prescription medications that only provided temporary relief. I was introduced to the PEMF by my long-time friend and fellow musician who told me it would help me to live a long and disease-free life. After the first session, I began to have more energy, have a feeling of well being, and slept great and observed healing that I could have never achieved on my own. I use it 5 times a week and once a day. My family also uses it on our horses (learn more) to provide relief to improving performance. Increase Speed, Strength, Stamina, Suppleness, and Range of Motion RELIEVES PAIN! Reduces Inflammation, Stiffness, and Soreness from Competition or Injury! DETECT AREAS OF SORENESS and so much more! As a musician, I have devoted my life to creative endeavors that lift people up. My own personal discovery involving the benefits of PEMF has been so life-changing that I want to share it with you too. This is my invitation for you to call me directly to learn more about this incredible technology. Wishing you health and wholeness, Charlie Farricielli Contact me today! 203-214-5454 Charlie@pemf8000.com

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