PEMF Treatment Principles

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is an alternative therapy that is making waves for its therapeutic benefits. The therapy is known to provide cellular treatment thereby stimulating them to resume their function and perform better. However, before you begin treatment through the PEMF therapy, you need to know its basic principles. Here are some treatment principles of PEMF following which you can establish a timeline that would be required for the said healing process:

  1. The magnetic fields created by the PEMF devices penetrate the body as if it wasn’t there. Even the bones pose no problem and appear to be transparent.
  2. It is important to understand the coil design of your device as different devices have different coils. The coil design would determine the shape of the magnetic field produced by the device. This would be essential to understand the placement and usage of the applicator.
  3. The intensity of the magnetic field created by the device is lowered if the distance between the patient and the device is too much.
  4. The extent and severity of the problem decides the amount of time of magnetic fields required to heal the problem over a period of time.
  5. Each session of PEMF treatment begins anew as there may be changes in the body between the sessions which could be once or twice a day or twice or thrice a week. The intensity and frequency of the magnetic field would depend upon how the body is responding to the treatment. With each successive session, the intensity and/or frequency could be lowered but only on the recommendation of a practitioner.
  6. The PEMF devices produce electromagnetic waves in the form of ripples. These ripples stay on for a long period of time before they completely die out. Therefore, there should be appropriate gaps between successive treatment sessions.
  7. The body may develop tolerance towards single frequency treatment. Therefore it is essential that to gain maximally, you need to vary the frequency slightly.
  8. PEMFs find it hard to treat/heal tissues that have depleted. Nutritional support in this case is required for the PEMFs to show their results. The electrolytes and ions like calcium, potassium and sodium need to be at normal levels in the body to show positive results.
  9. Moving an ion is much easier and quicker than rebuilding a tissue
  10. Patients can experience better muscle energy with PEMF
  11. PEMF can be used as a preventive measure or a health maintenance program. It can reduce stress and depression.

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