PEMF – Treatment at the Cellular Level

PEMF, short for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a non-invasive technique that provides treatment for various illnesses by using pulsed magnetic fields. The therapy is based on the fact that our body is made up of cells that need to be recharged and rejuvenated regularly.

There is no denying the fact that the body is a collection of cells, which have the function of taking in nutrients and dispelling the waste. Whatever food that we eat is broken down and consumed by the cells in the form of nutrients. The waste products are expelled by the cells. There is constant activity going on at the cellular level. The cells have a fixed life and new cells keep replacing the old ones when they die. This process goes on and a person remains healthy.

However, problems occur when there is an imbalance in the cellular activity. Either there is imbalance in the working of the cells or there is imbalance in the changeover of the cells. If new cells are not able to replace the old ones there would be a pile up of dead cells. Similarly if the cells are not able to take in nutrients or expel the waste, it would lead to toxicity in the body.

PEMF therapy works wonders to treat this cellular imbalance as it stimulates and mobilizes the ions in the cells of the body. The cells are once again able to perform their function in a stable manner, leading the body to overall well being and health.

How PEMF works

The pulsed electromagnetic waves created by the device penetrate the body deep into the cells. Here they move the ions in the cells and press them to the cell walls. The voltage at the cell walls is regulated because of the hyper-polarization caused by the movement of the cell ions. The energy metabolism is also influenced and the dynamics of the ions at the cell border surface improves. When the border surface potentials of the cells are better, the body starts getting cured.

Our Body is a Battery

You can assume that our body is a battery that needs regular recharging to stay fit and healthy. The cells are the main points that need to be regularly charged through energy which is obtained from nutrients and removal of wastes. If the energy levels go down due to any reason, the cells slow down in their functioning thus resulting in pain, disease or injury.

Here PEMF comes in as the savior as it provides optimal voltage to the cells by recharging them. The device generates fast, low to high intensity and pulsating magnetic fields which bathe the electrically imbalanced cells. This renewed energy from outside supports the cells in maintaining their balance and performing their metabolic functions and optimal health in the process.

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