PEMF 8000 NEWS! INTRODUCING PEMF8000 DELUXE PACKAGE! Made in the USA! Affordable! High Intensity! PE

Proudly Introduces

All New! High Intensity!

Affordable! Most Effective!

Includes Our Newest PEMF 8000! 20,000 Gauss Device
Professional Accessories! Included:

  • PEMF8000 High Tech Gel Loop ( Probe)
  • PEMF8000 High Tech Gel Rope
  • PEMF8000 Deluxe Mattress
  • PEMF8000 Butterfly

INTRODUCTORY SALE Only $13,999.00 Complete!
SAVINGS OF $6,000! Compared to PEMF 120!

Heals Pain in Minutes. Not Days! Profound New Technology!
PEMF8000 New Generation

Most Effective! All Powerful! PEMF8000 All NEW!

More Details Please Go To:

PEMF8000™”Mobile Case Unit”

Features :


1 Compact Design Dimensions : 22×14′x9′

2 Air & Water Sealed Enclosure Weight : 42 LBS

3 Combined Intensity & Pulse Control Color : Black

4 Tungsten Electrodes Casing : Polycarbonate Plastic

5 Overheat Protection Pulse Control : Electronic

6 Timer start /end indicator Timer : 60 minutes

7 With Big Wheels For Easy Transport Voltage : 120/220/240 Vac

8 Detachable Probes Ampere : 2.25 A/1.23 A

9 Energy (Watts) : 270 per Pulse

10 up to 20000 Gauss

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