Features of a Good PEMF Device

You know that the PEMF therapy is a powerful therapy involving pulsed electromagnetic field. It provides many benefits at the cellular level which promotes overall health being. However, you can get the benefits only if you purchase the correct PEMF device. Since there are so many devices available in the market, you must know how to choose the best one. Here are some features that ought to be present in a good PEMF device:

Mat: A full length mat should be a part of a good PEMF device so that it is able to provide the benefits of PEMF to all the cells of the body. While some people may suggest that using a small PEMF device for local applications is enough, having a full length mat-included PEMF device is more useful as it caters to a much larger area.

Local Applicators: Your ideal PEMF device should also include local applicators with high intensities that can be used on specific body areas that need localized treatment. Therefore, your device should have a probe, a pad and a mat for covering all parts of the body.

Sawtooth Waveform: Different PEMF devices have different waveforms. However, the sawtooth waveform is the most complex and provides dynamic signal variations which are useful for the body.

Copper Coils: A good PEMF device is one that has a pair of tightly wound copper coils as they deliver deep penetration.

Wide Range of Intensities: A good PEMF device is one that has a wide range of intensities. Such machines are capable of providing relief to the most sensitive to the most enduring people such as athletes. With a wide range of intensities, your PEMF device would be able to provide relief to different types of ailments with varying durations of treatment.

Can be programmed and upgraded: A PEMF device is considered good if it can be programmed to store the settings for different users. This way you need not reset your settings every time you use the machine. The firm/manufacture should be able to provide upgrades to the machine as and when they are introduced. This would help you get new features in your same device.

Pre-programmed Settings: Your PEMF device should have a database of pre-programmed settings for different health conditions. This way you will not require setting it each time you wish to use it for the treatment of a particular problem. Moreover, this would make the device more useful if there are several people using it in the house.

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