I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I love this machine. I have been treating my knees every day and am in absolutely NO PAIN. Considering I couldn’t go to the mailbox when I got it and every step was painful…..this is a miracle. I also used it on my shoulder and had the same results. I can’t begin to thank you for the time you took explaining everything to me. It was a real pleasure to meet you Charlie and I can never thank you enough. Both you and the machine are a blessing! Wishing you all the best and if you ever come my way, please give me a call and I’ll take you to dinner.


PEMF 8000 has been a great success and is in daily use by family and friends. We have discovered that as well as resolving muscular and joint problems it is also a valuable mood elevator. My only problem is getting time on the machine as my kids want to monopolize it!

Sean Tilson MI

Hi Charlie, I have my PEMF8000 and I use it daily with positive results. I am 85 years old and I do not have the aches and pains that many people much younger than me. I will be making my first trip away from home since I received my machine and the PEMF8000 will definitely be on board. Everybody should have this device.

Tom Marshall Miami, Florida

As far as treating The ALS patient I use the large loop for 15 min. around his neck over his head at a low intensity so as to affect the brain and medulla with a low hertz to stimulate nerve healing. From there I use the large loop in the thoracic area T4-12. I do this area for 20-30 min. at a medium intensity usually to tolerance and back it off 2 notches on the infinity Knob. I do this to affect the heart, lungs, and immune system which is located in your gut. After that I finish with the large loop placed as low as I can on the sacrum and lumbar spine. I do this for 15 min. at a higher intensity usually to tolerance and back off the infinity knob 1 notch. I have treated this patient for 2 years starting with 2x per week on this protocol and then have reduced it to the current level of 1x weekly. He recently had a CT Scan of the brain which came back essentially normal and more recently had a pulmonary function test that showed that his vital lung capacity has improved 20%. He has not declined 1 bit since starting this therapy. His original diagnosis was made in 2011 so he at 5 years can still walk with the aid of a walker, talk, Feed himself, and breath unaided. He just went through a sleep apnea study and passed. They still wanted to send him home with a unit as a precautionary measure but he refused saying there was no need at this time. They are scratching their heads (that would be as he refers to them as the A team, the team of specialists from the U of M ALS clinic). We will continue on the same path as I feel the progress has been substantial and there is no need to mess with success.

Dr. Bob D. New York City

I wanted to let you folks know, how offering the PEMF8000 treatments has put my business through the roof. We have almost daily new clients calling us, because the heard from friends and relatives about the amazing result it has given them. We’ll open a new (3rd) office in Tampa soon and we are ready to order our fourth unit. Thank you for a great device and a fantastic customer service

Dr. Mike Lanson. FL

I have easily gained about 10% muscle volume since using your machine in combination with my daily work out and nutrition. It amazes me how this device keeps me energetic and active and at the same time helps me to relax and keeps me pain free even after an excessive full power body work out. Can’t wait to show you when I see you next time

Former Mr. Universe 2010

Hi Charlie Farricielli,

I would like to write a testimony for this PEMF8000 device helping our family. For years I have suffered from this horrendous and debilitating condition and this PEMF device has been god send. Whenever I have a migraine attack, the symptoms quickly dissipate when I hold the loop near my head. It has also helped for my 25-year old daughters uterine/ appendix cramps after 15 minutes of treatment. She also used it for her toothache. My son noticed that holding the loop on his stomach alleviated nausea that he sometimes experiences after eating. My husband noticed that it helped for his tooth, neck, back, and shoulder and knee pain.


Liane Viscani. Canada

Sleep Better with the Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Our body maintains a regular rhythm and often problems such as insomnia and sleep difficulties are a result of the body begin out of “rhythm.” This can be remedied by using the pemf device. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy has proved to be a fantastic remedy for many different diseases. When first discovered, it was believed to have cured only a few diseases and problems such as fractures, pain management and so on. However, as time went by, scientists have discovered that PEMF therapy has a lot of offer.With PEMF reviews storming the magazines and newspapers with great news about the benefits of PEMF Therapy, many people have been wondering how to get their hands on the brand new PEMF 8000.

Our work schedule often rules the rhythm of our body. While some people can work during the day, others can work at nights. This is strictly because of the wonderful sleeping mechanism of our bodies. PEMF device is known for helping people get their body back to their original rhythm, and also the frequencies prepare your body for sleep. The pulsed electromagnetic field device is known for emitting radiations that work at a cellular level. This is highly beneficial as the pemf radiations improve cell metabolism. They also boost the cell to their optimum level of function. This helps the body to improve various functions by increasing the vitamin and mineral absorption. The PEMF 8000 is known for increasing the strength of the immune system.

With an increase in the generation of oxygen and free movement of the blood supply, the organs in the body have an increase in the level of oxygen helping them to function a lot better than before. With the PEMF 8000 working to fully charge your cells so that you don’t feel tired, your body has better chances of getting back perfect sleep.

PEMF device is known for restoring the efficiency of the respiratory system and reducing the parasympathetic stress. PEMF therapy works at a cellular level which increases the density of the bones making them stronger and less prone to getting fractured or damaged. The organs such as kidneys, liver, and spleen can easily get off the impurities in the body. This enables the body to into a circadian rhythm which, in the long run, helps the body to drift away into a deeper and much efficient sleep.


While many people argue that there may be many reasons to why a person cannot get proper sleep, the statement that says healthier people can sleep better points out that instead of trying to find out why a person cannot sleep, we should focus on how to help them sleep better. The Pulsed electromagnetic field radiations are not only useful for the bones, organs or a specific area. The PEMF therapy can be used to improve all the functions of the focussing in such a way that all the internal organs improve along with the overall development of the body.

How Do Electro Magnetic Fields Affect Cells?

All cells in the body share common components, regardless of their type. One of the common constituents of all cells are ions. Ions are positively and negatively charged particles that conduct electro-magnetic pulses from within the cell. The electro-magnetic pulses allow the cell to function. Without ions, a cell can not live.In a healthy cell, the ions are distributed around the cell with all of the positive ions on one side and the negative ions on the opposing side.

The ions which live outside of the cell in the tissues will align with those inside of the cell so that opposing poles are together with the cell membrane between them (see diagram of healthy cell below). This allows fluid, oxygen and nutrients (fluid exchange) to move freely in and out of the cell, while maintaining the natural balance within the cell (homeostasis).

Ionic distribution in healthy cell, diseased cell, and magnetic influenced cells

In a diseased (injured) cell, the positive and negative ions do not stay on opposing sides of the cell. They are disrupted and scatter randomly around the cell. At the same time the ions on the outside of the cell membrane also become scattered as they try to find their opposing pole, this results in cellular imbalance. Extra fluid from the tissues outside the cell is able to penetrate the cell which in turn pushes vital nutrients, hormones and electrolytes (salts) out of the cell. The cell’s ability to function is greatly reduced and cellular degeneration begins, which if not corrected will lead to the cell dying.

When a pemf is applied over an injured (dis-eased) area, the magnetism penetrates into the tissues and surrounds the damaged cell. The magnetic field that is created around the outside of the cell will pull the ions, both inside and outside, back into alignment. The result is that the ions once again return to their correct position within the cell. The extra fluid that has penetrated the cell is pushed out (via osmosis and diffusion) and returned to the surrounding tissues. The cell regains its natural healthy balance and any damage is repaired over a period of days (see diagram of a cell with a magnetic field)

PEMF 8000 Decreases Inflammation

Normally an injured site, whether from arthritis, torn muscles or any other condition, will be surrounded by inflammation. This can comprise of lactic acids, calcium and other deposits. Basically the site is ‘hot’ with acidity. The increases in oxygen and blood flow brings with it increased alkalinity. This neutralises the acidity, allowing the body to re-commence its own healing abilities. Magnets merely encourage this in a truly dramatic way.

Inflammation is a physiologic processes initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues by increasing the blood flow to the damaged area and increasing the number of good cells. The process of inflammation is generated and supported by the interaction of a number of immune cell types, with other cell types (like T cells) playing a regulatory role in the effect. Inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process, but it often persists longer than necessary, resulting in chronic inflammation. PEMFs have been found to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation..

“NASA has invest $3.5 million into four years of magnetic therapy studies

What did NASA’s studies conclude? Magnetic therapy is effective in healing refractory broken bones — bones that are unable to heal despite repeated surgical procedures. NASA also found magnetic therapy is successful in developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Lastly, previous studies also suggest that PEMF might be useful in the treatment of some muscle disorders.”

Magnetic therapy doesn’t just benefit astronauts

Clearly, magnetic therapy doesn’t just benefit astronauts. As NASA research concluded: On earth, this device is effective in the treatment of various muscle diseases, age- and cancer-related muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has cleared magnetic therapy for fusing broken bones, treating severe untreatable depression, and post-operative pain and swelling.”

In bacterial infections, early infiltration of the affected tissues by white blood cells is followed by the arrival of T cells, which kill bacteria. In this circumstance, eliminating of T cells can delay or stop healing. Conversely, in trauma-induced injury, T cells are less important to the healing process, and may be harmful if present for too long. In this case, elimination of T cells can minimize the unwanted effects of inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases. In chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or tendinitis, T cells support the persistence of the disease state, and removing them would be favorable.

Research shows us that PEMFs can induce the appropriate death of aged, chronic T lymphocytes, by actions on T cell membranes and key enzymes in cells. For example, PEMFs affect ion flow through specific cell membrane channels (like those for sodium, potassium, and calcium), which positively affect these enzymes.

Lymphocytic leukemias (also known as lymphoid or lymphoblastic leukemia) start in the cells that become lymphocytes. Lymphomas are also cancers that start in those cells. The main difference between lymphocytic leukemias and lymphomas is that in leukemia, the cancer cell is mainly in the bone marrow and blood, while in lymphoma it tends to be in lymph nodes and other tissues. Source

Once the tissue area starts detoxifying, the thermal benefits of pemf can begin. As the blood in our body continuously circulates, periodically, it comes close to the PEMF placed on the skin above it. In this magnetic field, the ions in the blood become agitated and are attracted to the magnet. As a result, atomic particles begin to spin inside the cell (known as ‘The Hall Effect’).

This ‘switching-on’ causes the body to stimulate its own beta-endorphin

What Are the Differences in PEMF Therapy Devices?

PEMF8000 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy High Intensity Device!

Power Level

The magnetic energy produced by the various PEMF devices can be as little as that of the Earth’s magnetic field to more than 10,000 times as powerful. The lower power devices are generally used for cellular health and bone healing. The higher power devices are generally used for recovery of trauma from accidents, sports injuries and surgery, as well as for control and improvement of degenerative diseases.

Both low power and high power devices help reduce pain, but the higher power devices are more effective in doing so.

Continuous or Pulsed Waveform

Although there are exceptions in both types, most low power PEMF devices have a continuous waveform while most high power PEMF devices have a pulsed waveform.

Shape of Waveform

The continuous waveform PEMF devices can produce a square, a saw tooth, a sine or a custom waveform. The pulsed output PEMF devices usually produce a biphasic short duration pulse.

Control of Pulse Rate

Many low power PEMF devices have preset pulse rate to choose from according to the various manufacturers’ individual theories. Most high power PEMF devices have a user variable control of the pulse rate.

Duration of Treatment

Depending on the power level of the PEMF device, the treatment duration can be from three minutes to hours.



Expand Your Base of Repeat Customers. When people experience acute pain, it’s a no brainer to go visit their local chiropractor. But when people experience chronic pain, the solution isn’t so obvious. Typically these patients see multiple professionals before settling on surgery and medications better suited to acute conditions. Utilizing PEMF, you can go beyond typical acute adjustments and become an integrated pain management center for chronic patients who will gladly come back for therapy..

Above and Beyond in Service. Most any chiropractic office has a waiting room full of uncomfortable people hanging in there until their name is called. But yours doesn’t have to look like that. Bring a PEMF into the waiting room to offer your patients immediate pain relief. It is simple to train your assistants how to use it so your customers always have the best experience, even when your hands are full.

Reduce Discomfort Before Adjustment. People who come to you are usually in pain, inflamed, and have limited range of motion on arrival. These can get in the way of giving your patient the most effective adjustment possible. Using PEMF can reduce their pain, inflammation, and increase range of motion in just minutes. By taking these obstacles off the board, PEMF can measurably improve the effectiveness of your adjustments for each patient and make them more comfortable at the same time.

Give Immediate Results. PEMF is a treatment that patients can feel. And, it only takes minutes to see dramatic results. On a scale of 1 to 10, from least pain to most pain, patients who come to you at a 9 may leave at a 5 or lower just 10 minutes later. This device has a similar effect on inflammation and range of motion.

They work synergistically. Research shows that LLLT and PEMF treatments given together provide stronger therapeutic results than either therapy alone.

PEMF is known to enhance nutrient absorption and detoxification because of its effects on cellular metabolism. You and your patients will be amazed at how much better they can feel in such a short period of time.

Relieve Chronic Pain for Underserved Patients. There are certain conditions no one knows how to fix yet.

Problems like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and post-surgical pain tremendously impact patients’ quality of life long-term with no solution in sight. You can be one of the few practitioners able to alleviate their symptoms quickly, effectively, and without the harmful side effects common to medications.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers

In the world, there are millions of people suffering from some form of arthritis. There are hundreds different types of arthritis. One of the major concerns many people living with arthritis have is choosing a treatment that can keep them pain-free. There are many treatments that can keep pain at bay, but most of them have harmful side effects. There have been studies and trials that have proved the effectiveness of PEMF Therapy. They use low-frequency electromagnetic radiations to target the tissue at the cellular level to alter the cell alignment in such a way that the pain becomes less. The PEMF 8000 machine is has produced a lot of different results that conventional treatments have failed to produce.

PEMF Therapy has shown that there have been many improvements in pain management and have also relieved pain. PEMF Therapy has shown that those who were suffering from back and knee arthritis were able to have much better results than those who had other types of arthritis. The arthritic knee can be very hard to handle, and it can also cripple a person making them unable to walk. The PEMF 8000 machine has enabled many arthritic knee sufferers to walk again, and it has helped them to get much better sleep

There is a huge increment in the range of motion and also decrease pain persistence. The joint tenderness also decreases helping the sufferer to be able to move more freely. Many doctors have suggested this treatment to many patients. While some choose to purchase the PEMF machine so that they can get better treatment while those who cannot afford to prefer to rent it

PEMF therapy is also known for making changes in white blood cells. PEMF’s also inhibit growth and the natural death of those unwanted lymphocytes. This reduces inflammation. The results of the PEMF Therapy can be seen from 48 to 72 hours after the treatment. This proves that there is some relief and pain can be managed with using PEMF therapy. However, PEMF therapy should also be used in the long term as it is a lot more beneficial. While some people use it t manage pain temporarily, people living with arthritis use it for a longer period f time. This also decreases the time for healing.

The PEMF therapy has shown many positive results in millions of users. Those who prefer to use PEMF Therapy should make sure that they consult their doctor before proceeding with the treatment. The PEMF 8000 machine is portable and is very light which makes it easier to carry from one place to another. This is ideal for those who travel a lot, and they can use it anywhere as long as they have a proper supply of electricity. If you know someone who has been suffering from arthritis, then you should help them realize the effectiveness of this therapy. There are many other diseases like insomnia, lyme and much more that are cured with the PEMF 8000 machine.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Home System Device

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has recently amazed the world with its remarkable healing power. The market introduces a number of devices and using those prove curing several ailments. You can buy PEMF QRS 101 Home System that is available with a controller, a pad and a full body mat all devised for local applications. The complete case comes with additional applicators and accessories.

The Quantron Resonance System, QRS magnetic therapy is the most helpful PEMF system available today. According to research, it is also the first device to scientifically prove effective ion transport, which is an vital element in producing cell energy. This device is used to generate magnetic fields that can control the diagnosis of a human body. Magnetic pulse produced by PEMF Therapy stimulates a tiny electrical signal in the cells of the body thereby stimulating the healing process.

The device, QRS 101 is used for 8 minutes twice a day while enjoying the comfort of your own home. The QRS 101 is programmed in such a way that you can use it while sleeping too. This home apparatus is recommended by European scientists for therapeutic use because it increases cell metabolism and thus improves the cell membrane potentiality. QRS 101 is known to provide a higher “osmotic” pull for the absorption of minerals and nutrients into the cell, thereby circulation of blood in tissues increases. The benefits of using QRS 101 are:

  • calms down tense hardened muscles
  • reinforces the immune system,
  • supports removal of toxic agents from the body cell
  • A higher blood-and oxygen-penetration decreases fermentation processes and acid excesses

Using QRS 101

The human body consists of about 50 trillion cells that continuously work together maintaining a balance. The moment a small energy deficiency arises in a cell or group of cells, disproportion starts occurring within the body. QRS 101 is a device that restores cell functioning by introducing a resonance similar to those of the body’s own cells, restoring weak functional cycles in a natural way. The method is to use extremely low frequency (ELF) programs, equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body, enables the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities. Electromagnetic fields induce easy, comfortable but subtle way of healing. QRS 101 prove to be effective and beneficial to use for the body.

Benefits of using QRS 101

  • The device has fast speed of induction thus the maximum pulse intensity is reached instantly
  • Easy to use with the controls- Start, Stop, Pause and Program number
  • Emit Environmental friendly pulse signals
  • Gives opportunity of choosing a wide range of applicators
  • Enables feeling the pulses with a simple magnet
  • Easy to transport
  • Available with competitive priced

The QRS is ideally designed for home use, but several clinics have also started using it with proven results. It is a safe to use device with no known side effects. QRS can be used to treat children, adults and even pregnant women. However people with pacemakers are recommended to be cautions when using the QRS.

PEMF Therapy For Sleep and Pain

In modern medicine, there have been several amazing new discoveries that have helped cure many diseases and relieve huge problems. PEMF therapy is one those amazing new treatments. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has great promise in helping the body to heal. There are hundreds of PEMF reviews and pemf 8000 reviews that have shown the benefits of this treatment. This is not a drug but a therapy that uses a PEMF radiations that are produced by the PEMF 8000 device to cure at a cellular level. It is known for healing people with broken bone, fractured bones, menstrual pain, insomnia, pain and so on. There is a special pemf equine therapy that is used to treat horses with a PEMF 8000 equine machine.

People suffering with insomnia use the PEMF device to administer treatment to themselves and also relax their body giving them better sleep. Insomnia and sleep difficulties are often because you’re body gets out of rhythm. With PEMF device you can bring your body back into its natural rhythm so that you can get sleep. Our working hours often dictate our sleeping hours. If you sleep and wake up at the same time then you can see that your body will develop itself to the new routine. PEMF therapy will work at the cellular level and will heal your body and bring it back to the natural rhythm. The PEMFs will help your cells to be fully charged and then relieve you of any emotional stress so that you can sleep like a baby.

The great benefits of using a PEMF 8000 machine is that it is very relaxing and it will boost your cells so they work at their optimum level. They are very beneficial and the cell metabolism is also increased. There is an extensive increase in the regeneration of blood cells and there is an increase in oxygen which allows the blood to move around more freely. The PEMF 8000 therapy has worked wonders for insomniacs. It is also useful for relieving you of pain and helps your cells to work better so that there are lesser situations of getting pain. PEMF systems are designed to cater all your medical needs.

PEMF 8000 systems are easy to acquire and use. They come with wide range of benefits and cure a lot of diseases. The PEMF 8000 therapy device increases the vitamin and minerals absorption and also strengthens the immune system. PEMF’s increase the efficiency of the respiratory system and also increase the density of the becomes.

If you’re someone who’s suffering with pain or lack of sleep then you need to find a PEMF 8000 device. You can either rent a PEMF 8000 device or get a PEMF 8000 device for sale. Regular treatment will give you faster results and this should also be used for a longer term. PEMF Therapy is known for curing more than one problem so be sure to explore all the possible cures you can get from the PEMF system.


When healthcare professionals need to rely on technology that delivers consistent results day after day and year after year, the choice is clear: the PEMF8000 is the BEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE device in its class among chiropractors, health clinics, and even households.

We believe that the height of sophistication is simplicity, and with strict adherence to this philosophy, we have designed the PEMF8000 from the ground up to provide intuitive operation through a simple and durable control dial that doesn’t get in the way of your therapy session.

Impressive features like its high-speed pulse technology and an extended range of electromagnetic fields of up to 20,000 Gauss enable you to effectively and consistently deliver measurable results when treating a wide variety of conditions. Add to all this our Three-year Extended Warranty, followed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty, and our Thirty-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and you are presented with a top quality professional device that gives you both performance and ease of ownership.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy effects have been the subject of numerous studies in the following areas of therapy:

  • Relief of Chronic
  • PainEnhanced Healing Process
  • Sleep ImprovementInflammation
  • ReductionEnhanced Oxygenation
  • Bone Healing
  • Learning ChangesScar Reduction
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress Reduction
  • Brain Function
  • Repair of Soft Tissue
  • Improved Cellular Energy
  • Muscle Relaxation

Gina Torre: Anti-Oxidant StimulationI feel stronger in my neck and low back than ever before, thanks to the PEMF8000. The deep, sharp pain in the right subscapularis region that’s been a nemesis since my bike fall 20 years ago has completely disappeared.

Doctor Torres: I believe the PEMF8000 was reaching and regenerating in areas I was not able to physically reach. Now that I’ve experienced the PEMF for myself and my patients, I cannot see myself practicing without it.

PEMF has been the single biggest benefit to my practice in 10 years. I think about using PEMF for chronic pain, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. However, a quick search of PubMed is enough to demonstrate that there are many other worthy indications.

Michael Saranelli: became persuaded by the benefit of the PEMF when my knee injury of one year resolved completely after 2 1/2 weeks of daily treatment.

Phyllis Agusta: My Parkinsons symptoms have improved dramatically since using the PEMF daily for the past three months. I no longer need naps, my tremors have slowed down and my energy level is great.

Jim Rogers: I’ve had a couple of falls recently and have found the PEMF8000 to work very well on acute injuries. I am also getting great results with clients in my bodywork practice.

Charlene Magosso I can’t believe I am totally pain free only 3 days after running the New York Marathon thanks to PEMF8000 sessions the two days following the marathon. Greatest recovery tool ever.

Andrew Brownstien: Many acute conditions responded very persuasively and powerfully to this device. Back pain, inflammation, neuropathy in hands and feet, headaches, muscle spasm and a number of other acute conditions were very positively addressed. My experience was that the more I used the device, the duration of my problem was reduced exponentially.