What is the Typical Treatment Protocol?

In modern medicine, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is the best treatment that is available for pain relief, curing fractured bones and even insomnia. Many use this treatment to alleviate stress, depression and to relax. Many use this treatment for their horses, and it’s crucial to know the entire treatment protocol before treating our horse. Horses are very strong creatures and gentle creatures, but they tend to harm a person if they feel their life is in danger.

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field loops are introduced to the horse until they are working at a cellular level. The intensity starts at a low level and then increases or decreases by the operator depending on the comfort level and the response given by the horse. The intensity can be altered by using the dial on the device, or the loop can be placed further away during the therapy to decrease the intensity of the pulsed electromagnetic field.

The large loop can be placed in a position starting from the shoulders, and as and when you feel that the response from the horse is positive, then you can continue the treatment.

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapist will scan the horse with the loop. The sore muscles the need treatment can be defined as the muscles that twitch or pulse in an irregular pattern. The injured area can also be treated using the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is very good for improving the performance of the horses as well as treating the injuries that might have occurred on the track.

Once scanning the horse completes, then it’s time to treat the bigger muscles in the horse’s body. There are noticeable improvements after only a single treatment, but the most chronic injuries and the more severe pains take multiple treatments to give you the desired result. For those competitive horse, it’s preferred that you give the horse weekly treatments on a regular basis.

The delivery time of each loop must vary from 2 – 5 minutes whereas the entire treatment should be limited in the range of 15 to 20 minutes. The most crucial part of the entire treatment is treating the horse in a delicate manner and in a way that the treatment proves to be effective.

Make sure that you use the loop with all the safety precautions in mind. The pulsed electromagnetic field machine is very useful, but it can pose a threat to those who use it without keeping the taking the necessary requirements.

While using the treatment for yourself makes sure that you don’t limit yourself to one or two sessions but for some sessions so that the results are more effective. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy can be used for various treatments like pain relief, fractured bones, splintered bones, insomnia, depression, and even stress relief.

Before using the machine makes sure that you choose the right accessory that is more effective for the affected area in your body. Make sure that you start with low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field instead of increasing it rapidly. Try to increase it at a slow pace so that you don’t have any problems with the magnetic pulse.

What can PEMF 8000 Do to Your Horse?

In modern medicine, PEMF Therapy is the most sought out and the most recommended treatment. PEMF therapy is not only used for pain relief, treating broken bones, but also for treating insomnia and depression. A unique thing about the PEMF device is that it is also used for treating horses.

The various things it can treat horses is ligament injury, sore stifles, sore backs, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, fractures, founder, stone bruises, and those wounds which don’t heal. These treatments usually last less than 30 minutes and are very effective. They produce a calming and relaxing effect and is not at all stressful.

Before treating yourself or your horse with the PEMF device, you will wonder whether it is safe or not. Over the last years, we have observed that PEMF systems are very common in race tracks and horse barns. They have developed in the way they are treating their horses. They do not use weak PEMF devices but use strong high powered PEMF devices which may produce a sound like a loud crack or snap while treatment is going on. This sound is nothing but the internal production of the spark that produces the magnetic pulse.

The person who is operating uses a coil over the areas that are affected, and a large magnetic pulse is generated. This pulsed electromagnetic field works at the cellular level. Many studies are going on regarding the usage of electromagnetic fields, and many of them aren’t certified. But the PEMF Therapy is certified as the safest method to use on yourself or your animals.

PEMF Therapy has various benefits, and it works miracles for those pain afflicted areas. PEMF Therapy has various benefits for your horse. It can improve performance by increasing the speed, strength, stamina, suppleness and the range of motion. It can relieve pain by reducing inflammation, stiffness, and soreness from injury.

It can detect areas of soreness while it provides relief that is quite noticeable. It reduces recovery time by bringing your horses back to their original fitness level at a very fast rate. It can heal your horse’s injuries faster including all those wounds, fractures, illnesses, etc. It relieves and heals those deep muscle soreness by penetrating deeper than laser or massage. It can improve overall health, comfort, and wellbeing with its capability of working on various conditions which involve soft tissue, bone, hooves, illness, and age-related issues.

The device is portable which makes it easier to provide treatment at various places without having to transport the horse to the treatment facility. PEMF Therapy is very effective on horses and improves their performance at a very fast rate. The longer a horse is on PEMF therapy, the shorter time it takes for it to improve its performance. Horses are strong, but they are very delicate. To take care of your horse’s injuries and give them the best care available, PEMF Therapy is the best alternative. PEMF therapy works at the cellular level providing faster results.

PEMF 8000 Machine Can be Used for Treating Animals

The advantages of pulsed electromagnetic fields are extensive, it is not only used for treating humans but is also very effective for treating animals.

PEMF therapy is used for conditioning race horse at race tracks across the globe.

PEMF therapy can regenerate damaged and diseased tissue, repair tendons, and bones that are fractured.

PEMF therapy is also known for increasing the cellular level of oxygen absorption. Many studies have shown that oxygen’s partial pressure can be increased to around 200%. This reduces pains which have a correlation with the lack of oxygen in the human body.

This therapy is known for its deep penetration with which it can soothe muscle soreness.

The muscle strain due to over exercising and stress can be relieved using the PEMF therapy.

PEMF force can influence electrical charges in the body on a cellular level making it more preferable than static magnets. PEMF device delivers a high intensity, a short pulse that penetrates the entire body.

Each day, patient can devote up to 20 minutes of their time for PEMF therapy.

Uses for PEMF Equine Therapy

There are many uses for Horses with the PEMF therapy. Here are a few.

  • Treatment before and after events
  • Increases the motion range in horses that have high performance
  • There is an immediate increment in the blood oxygen level.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • It is great for relieving tension, reducing pain and inflammation.

How does this therapy work?

The PEMF therapy

How PEMF Therapy uses the electrical current from the outlet and then sends small, high magnitude magnetic pulses that travel from the main unit through the loop. The loop is placed on or over the person’s body, and then the magnetic pulses will simulate the natural charge on a cellular level. The stimulation is basically used for restoring sick cells to their normal state. Their normal state is when they are healthy.

There is an increased cell oxygen level, and the cell membrane will control the nutrients exchange along with the minerals exchange in the cell. It will send the waste products like lactic acid out of the cell.

The PEMF therapy is widely used for treating many pains and helps animals and humans recover from many pains and situations like fractured bones and tendons. The main advantage of this therapy is that it operates on a cellular level and is more efficient.

Many physicians around the world recommend PEMF therapy for those who have injured or cracked bones. Many say that fractures heal very quickly with PEMF therapy.

If you’re suffering from any pain or injuries, then ask your local doctor about PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy should be used continually in long sessions for effective healing. If you’re concerned about the side effects and precautions about the PEMF 8000 device, then make sure you contact your dealer and ask them about everything there is to know about the PEMF 8000 device. PEMF 8000 Device is available at all leading stores.

How to Treat Yourself and Others with Proper Safety Precautions

PEMF is the most advanced treatment in modern medicine. You can use PEMF 8000 machine to generate pulsed electromagnetic frequencies with the provided accessories to provide relief to those pain inflicted areas.

How to Get Treatment from the Machine

You can use the treatment rope to a place near the affected area and then treat it. It is best for areas that are most sensitive like the mouth, eyes, neck and places near the head.

Safety Tips for Using the PEMF 8000

Never use the machine when you’re using any internally implanted electronics which may be influenced by magnetic fields and electric currents. Make sure that you never use this machine near or on your brain; the magnetic frequencies can damage your brain.

Before using the rope or any other accessory, make sure that is intact. Inspect the rope before using to make sure that the accessory isn’t torn, damaged or ripped in such a way that the wire inside is exposed.

Never use an outlet that is controlled by a light dimmer, the magnetic pulse generated by the machine can cause the small electronics inside the light dimmer to malfunction creating a surge that can damage your outlet or your PEMF 8000 Machine,

The machine has fans inside, blocking this may cause internal damage inside the machine. Make sure that there is no obstruction to the fan’s airflow. Try to clean it now and then to make sure that there is no dust or debris on the fan.

Before swapping any accessories, make sure that you power down the unit safely.

The PEMF 8000 functions include releasing the toxins that are to be removed by your immune system. When the immune system becomes overloaded with detoxifying, then the cleansing crisis happens. Consume large quantities of water to ensure that your body flushes the toxins properly.

Whenever you want to move the unit, never try to tug the machine but use the handles provided on the device to move it carefully. Tugging can damage the power cables.

Do not toss or drop the unit; the case might be durable, but the external protection is for the sensitive parts inside the machine. Harsh or rough treatment of the device such as tossing and dropping can damage the internal parts.

Never store the accessories inside the case as it may damage the front panel. Try to store the accessories separately so that they aren’t damaged.

Exposing the unit to water may cause damage to the internal parts of the machine. If water goes into the machine, wait till your completely sure that the machine is dry. The place near the accessory connectors should be given extra care so that it isn’t wet.

PEMF 8000 is a very efficient device which is useful for all types of treatments. Using the device with all the safety precautions in mind is very important. Without proper safety precautions, the device can get damaged and can cause any further complications. Using the accessories with proper instructions is important as improper use can be quite harmful.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic frequency is mostly known for using as a reparative technique in the field of orthopedics. It is used for the treatment of failed fusions, and nonunion fractures. Many researchers say that the pulsed signal in the PEMF 8000 Device activates the body’s chemistry to heal more faster.

History of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, wondered if magnets can manipulate diseases. He wanted to use lodestones since they were the best magnets available back then. They are quite weak magnetically, and not many people gave him attention until made the discovery of carbon steel magnets in the 1700s.

It was back in the 1800s that there was a staggering number of findings relating magnetism and electricity. The most interesting theory postulates a magnetic field deficiency syndrome. Dr. Kyochi of Japan later explained this. Dr. Kyochi argues that since humans evolved in a magnetic field, they need it for maintaining proper health.

Although no one could really explain how magnetic fields can affect a person’s health, there were many theories but very few explanations. But because no one could explain, doesn’t actually prove that it can’t happen.

Back in the year 1890, an annual conference on the use of electrical devices by physicians and electricity was conducted by the American Electro-Therapeutic Association.

Today, PEMF Therapy is approved by the FDA to improve the healing of non healing bone unions. Strong, powerful electromagnets are used in the research of generation of current in the human brain and muscle.

As many as thousands of research studies have been studied to improve the correlation between people’s health and pulsed electromagnetic frequency.

Benefits of Using a PEMF 8000 Device

The PEMF provides amazing regenerative effects; the magnetic fields enable the cells to generate so much energy that the cells can heal themselves. Whether it is short term or long term, PEMF therapy relieves all kinds of pains.

It is vital for having healthy cells for overall health and well-being. You can use PEMF therapy to restore the body’s natural electromagnetic energy.

There are various benefits of using a PEMF 8000 Device. The primary advantages of using a PEMF 8000 Device are:

  • There is a substantial decrease in pain
  • There have been many patients who have said that inflammation reduced dramatically when they used a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device.
  • There is an increase in the range of motion.
  • There is a faster functional recovery
  • After surgery, there is reduced muscle loss
  • There is an increase in the tensile strength of ligaments
  • Skin wounds are said to heal faster
  • The capillary formation is enhanced.
  • There is an extravagant acceleration of nerve regeneration
  • A major decrease in tissue necrosis.
  • therapy helps to correct the electrical signaling and chemical imbalances in the brain.

There is a fundamental relationship between living organisms and magnetic fields. Many studies which have been published show that there is plenty of evidence which proved the effectiveness of PEMF.

As we develop our technology using the various research studies that are being conducted, it is guaranteed that we will reach several breakthroughs in the field of pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy.

Bring the Revolutionary PEMF 8000 Home for Best of Health and a Better Life

While PEMF Therapy is taking the medicine world by storm, PEMP 8000 comes across as the most revolutionary product. It is the most improvised device that is not just updated but also extremely handy. This is the most dependable device you could ever imagine and ask for. Following are the features that will round up everything that makes PEMF 8000 what it is:

  • Affordable: PEMF 8000 is highly affordable device. We all know hoe medical bills and expenses easily tend to burn the pocket and that various medical treatments cost a bomb, PEMF 8000 comes as one affordable device that you could use for your treatment at home. It ensures that you save a whole lot of money from your hard earned income, to a whopping $10,000.
  • Speed: PEMF 8000 works at extremely high magnetic speeds and this feature allows effective penetration resulting into desired final outcome.
  • High Technology: PEMF 8000 is the most effective device available under the Sun today and that comes from its 20,000 Gauss intensity. The technology is 10 years ahead of its time and thus is futuristic in approach. PEMF is the future of medicine and this device brings the future in your hands.
  • Lifetime Warranty: What could be better than company’s faith in its own product? An assurance of lifetime warranty comes with the device when you buy it.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is known to help patients with chronic diseases which are either incurable or are known to take forever for healing. Some diseases which require prolonged duration of treatment at times do not cease to leave the body of the patient. They stick around like plague which is difficult to eradicate despite all measures that are undertaken. It is here that PEMF therapy plays role of a savior and nothing less.

PEMF Therapy is the future of medicine and PEMF 8000 makes it possible to bring an era somewhere at least 10 years away from us right into our laps. It has made the most awful of health problems to get uprooted from the core; ailments like old age, pain from injuries and illness are all taken care of by PEMF Therapy. The device is easy to use and when you buy it, the support staff will help you learn how to use the device and take you through troubleshooting as well. The support staff is a team of medical experts well equipped with the knowledge of medicine, PEMF and PEMF 8000 series. PEMF 8000 is available in the market with 30 days return policy and this is a great opportunity for a patient to test and try.

There is nothing that should stop a needy patient from trying the benefits of PEMF 8000. This device brings to you the best of technology at such affordability that you might have never even thought of. What can be better than gaining back your healthy body and peace of mind without having to go through painful treatment procedures and making holes in your pocket!

The Future of PEMF 8000 Devices is here

PEMF in the recent times has received great amount of acceptability from all around the world for various treatments. The discovery of this therapy goes way back in the times when electricity was founded but acceptance for it only took place in the middle of 1990’s. While Canada has accepted the use of PEMF therapy for several ailments, Israel has allowed its use for migraine. There are more benefits of PEMF Therapy than one can think of and these include use in cancer treatment, depression, joining and healing of fractured bones, brain functioning, muscle relaxation, relief from chronic pain and reduction in various inflammations amongst others.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is the most path-breaking of all discoveries made in the field of medicine. The fact that a human body allows electrons to move to and fro from various body cells is the foundation of PEMF Therapy. This is the principle of electricity and on this very principle the mechanics of PEMF devices operate. The good news is that PEMF devices are available not just for the doctors but also for consumers to use at home after seeking doctor’s opinion.

Apart from healing and curing diseases, PEMF is also known to enhance immunity system of the body. It helps in cellular activity which helps cure diseases which don’t get easily treated.

To know and learn about PEMF and the devices, you could visit pemf8000. You could also seek PEMF reviews to know which device works the best for your needs. Consumers share their experiences and review the products they have used already. Currently PEMF 8000 is a rage and comes with numerous advantages over its contemporaries. While technical specifications are easily understood by medical experts, for any layman they require translation into easier language which is made possible by the experts at PEMF Discovery.

Doctor’s verdict on the PEMF devices works nothing less than testimonial and those who use it as part of treatment for their patients are totally enthralled by the results. As a matter of fact patients who are undergoing treatment with PEMF can themselves feel the difference when compared to traditional treatment procedures. They feel the difference not just in results, but also in the speed of recovery and the entire wellness feeling during the procedure.

The characteristic feature of PEMF is that it penetrates in totality into the bones and cells bringing about the required results. The innate quality of PEMF is that the frequency changes at every sitting and this prevents the body from adapting to the magnetic field thus ensuring most favorable results. To top it all, PEMF devices come with easy to use gadgetry and control system that is handy for anyone to use.

It can easily be concluded by saying that PEMF therapy is one revolutionary domain in the field of health and wellness and must be exploited for the betterment of mankind. Its benefits lie in its mechanics, ease of treatment, speed and attainability of ideal results.

PEMF – State-of-the–Art technology eliminating pain in minutes consequently promoting healing at the

There is a new kid in town! Pemf 8000! We have never had a return in almost three years!

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) is a world-shattering technology that offers, with an enormous spectrum of indications, new possibilities for the treatment of numerous illnesses and diseases.

Completely non-invasive, PEMF devices were only recently developed on the basis of the discoveries of great 20th century scientists of the last century such as Nikola Tesla, George Lahkovsky, and Antoine Prioré. They recognized that pulsed magnetic fields can influence our bodies bioenergetically.

While we all acknowledge that the human body needs food, water, oxygen, and adequate sleep, most of us, however, don’t realize that life cannot be sustained without the natural magnetic forces that surround us and permeate our bodies. These forces influence the biological and permanent regeneration of the body. Disturbances within them upset the electrical fields of the cells, which leads to pain, sickness and disease – even with nourishing food, water, and oxygen.

The pulsed magnetic field generated by a PEMF device stimulates and mobilizes the ions in the cells of the body. The exchange of the nutrient particles inside and outside the cell is thus intensified by this so-called “ion pump.”

Your Body is a Battery that Needs the Right Current! Charge up with PEMF 8000!

Think of your body as a type of battery that runs on direct current (DC) electricity. In fact, all life generates an electrical DC charge. Your cells count on this energy to absorb nutrients, remove waste and communicate with other cells – jobs that are important for building and repairing tissue such as muscle and bone as well as your organs. But without the right amount of energy, your cells can slow down and neglect important work, leading to pain, injury and disease.

PEMF restores optimal voltage in the cells by recharging their electrical current. Its ultra-fast, low to high intensity, gently pulsing magnetic fields bathe electrically imbalanced cells in pure, raw energy, supporting their need for the proper electrical balance to regain or maintain metabolic functions and optimal health. Nearly all diseases can be traced back to disorders in the cells. In fact, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PhD, Professor of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine, researched the electrical fields of organisms and published 93 papers on biological electricity from 1932-1956. He found that measurable imbalances in the electrical field of an organ precede the onset of pathology.

“If the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest.”

Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PhD

The fact that pulsed magnetic fields act directly upon cell functions explains the high success rate and the broad application field of the PEMF therapy.

Dr. Andrew Bassett, a researcher at the Bioelectric Research Center of Columbia University who has studied the effect of pulsed magnetic fields on the cellular function of connective tissue and function, says of PEMF:

“A wide variety of challenging musculoskeletal disorders has been treated successfully over the past two decades. These include nerve regeneration, wound healing, graft behavior, diabetes, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions. Preliminary data even suggest possible benefits in controlling malignancy. (Cancer)”

Magnetic field therapy benefits your whole body even if you use it for a specific condition. That is because all of the actions of magnetic fields are happening simultaneously and your physical health will improve in many ways without your even realizing or expecting it. Minor imbalances in cells in individual parts of the body can be very easily rebalanced before they become an obvious problem. The sooner you start using PEMF, therefore, the healthier you’ll be. If you start using this therapy in your 40’s, for example, many of the problems that typically beset people in their 60’s or 70’s can be avoided.

This technology is so powerful that the cases we have monitored are truly amazing. This is only after nine months actively using high intensity PEMF in my practice. Over this time period I have observed improvements in both acute injuries such as extensive bruising and swelling, reduction in chronic injuries such as difficult to heal rotator cuff problems, knee injuries, excessive scar tissue, and a wide variety of other ailments such as migraine headaches, prostate problems and erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, and even kidney stones. My colleagues have documented cases where the technology:


Why is it that so many different illnesses have been reportedly Treated although seemingly mysteriously with Pulsed Electro magnetic therapy( PEMF)? Professor Holger Hannemann of Switzerland states: “This is now easy to understand when you keep in mind that many illnesses are the result of the same basic dysfunction. Every illness is a bio-energetic (electrical) breakdown of the organism. It is a sign that the cells have been deprived of energy and the defense mechanism weakened. It is then the task of Pulsed Electro magnetic therapy( PEMF) to remove the blockages that get in the way of normal functioning.


Science teaches us that everything is energy. Energy is always dynamic and, therefore, has a frequency; it changes by the second or minute,

All energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals and cells produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every organ in the body produces it own signature bioelectromagnetic field. Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. When the electromagnetic activity of the body ceases, life ceases.

Increasing blood flow and oxygen to all areas of the body; Increased blood flow produces higher levels of the anti-inflammatory white blood cells and the more densely oxygen saturated red blood cells to the damaged areas, whilst at the same time removing toxins more readily which can often can also be a cause of pain. Result the healing process is more efficient.

A basic understanding of how magnetic fields, especially PEMFs, work in the body. In addition to these basic balancing actions, magnetic fields also help with many other functions and conditions, and new ones are discovered regularly.

Some of these other actions include:

  • reducing muscle tension
  • improving tissue healing
  • reducing pain
  • increasing energy
  • improving clotting factors
  • slowing the development of arthritis
  • stimulating the immune system
  • helping the body to detoxify
  • improving the uptake of nutrients
  • reducing blood pressure
  • helping nerve function
  • helping liver function
  • balancing the acupuncture meridians
  • improving sleep
  • making soft tissue more flexible
  • reducing arthritic changes